Consulting Services

In addition to our software packages, Techware Engineering also offers engineering consulting services in the power and cogeneration industries through our sister company, Techware Engineering Consultants, Inc.  Our areas of expertise include the following:

Power Cycle Design and Analysis

The combination of Techware Engineering Consultants' experience in the power industry with Techware Engineering Applications software development has created a synergy that provides a unique ability for the design and analysis of power systems.  In addition to the software packages available to the public, Techwar Engineering has created a library of software tools for rigorous analysis of power plant components including coal fired boilers, gas/oil fired boilers, refuse fired boilers, condensing steam turbines, backpressure steam turbines, automatic extraction steam turbines, gas turbines, reciprocating engines, waste heat boilers, feedwater heaters, deaerators, surface condensers, dump condensers, air condensers, cooling towers, steam sealing systems, pumps, piping and various types of heat exchangers.

By using these tools with our practical experience in the design of power systems, we can offer customized heat balance models for analyzing complicated and unique desings in a realistic and accurate manner.  We handle tough new designs that are often not covered by commercially available heat balance software products.  For conventional power plant configurations, we bring a high level of accuracy on both design and off design analyses.

Cooling System Design and Optimization

Techware Engineering has the experience and software tools to analyze all types of cooling system components including wet cooling towers, air cooled condensers, cooling ponds, steam surface condensers and circulating water systems.  Our tools allow us to predict the performance of the whole cooling system under a wide range of atmospheric and operating conditions.  This enables us to optimize the equipment selection in order to provide a design that is economical on an annual basis.

If you are interested in our consulting services or have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail.